Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Winnie Cooper 101.

Submission from Ed

Dear Winnie,

After I spoke with my friend Nat about you the other day I got really excited about writing you a love letter. Then we both realised that we are not sure if you know or ever remember us. Worse, we were unsure if we really knew or remembered you.

So I have decided to make up a list of things about you that I know, things that I do not know and things I have recently learnt about you. I guess this is a little like a pro’s and con’s list for you to judge how well we might know each other and whether there is anything to build upon.

Things I know about you.

Your name is Gwendolyn “Winnie” Copper.

Your older brother died in Vietnam (sorry to bring this up).

You went to Robert. F. Kennedy Junior high School.

You had your first kiss with Kevin (and maybe your first shag).

You didn’t end up with Kevin.

Things I don’t know about you.

What you do for a living.

Your relationship status.

Your interests.

Your Hobbies.

Are you a Republican or Democrat.

Your shoe size?

Your bra size (I assume A or a small B).

Things I have recently learnt about you.

You studied Art history in Paris.

A girl that looks remarkably like you graduated with a Math degree (honours) and is a published author.

The website http://www.winnie-cooper.com/ has nothing to do with you whatsoever.

Nat went to school with a girl called Karen Cooper that looked similar to you.

Perhaps if you wrote a similar list about me and we could compare. I am excited about the prospect of knowing more about you Winnie and the potential for us to be friends (and maybe more).

With love and anticipation,



Belle said...

Apparently shes a maths teacher now.
Go figure.
Of course Im talking *whispers* real life. If thats not what your after I dunno...

Belle said...

Just realised I left an unintentional pun in there.
Go figure..!
See its funny cos shes a MATHS teacher now and...
oh never mind.

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