Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Karate Kid in Haikus

Submission from Ed and Nat.

A boy has no dad

Desire and dreams aplenty

No friends to protect

Blond and popular

Impressionable young mind

Sensei pulls the strings

Elizabeth Shue.

Cheerleader and curly hair,

Captures Daniels heart

A fancy dress dance.

A shower costume hides him.

Old man fights Cobra's

A truce is now sought.

Cobra Sensei, no mercy.

Dan now left in peace.

Karate’s meaning

For your self-defense only

Miyagi Mantra

Household chores for Dan

Wisdom in Miyagis ways

Wax on and wax off.

Day of truth arrives

A stolen black belt is sought

Three points and you win

He’s the best around

No one's gonna keep him down.

Montage of the wins.

Bodybag called for.

The contents shall be Daniels.

Out of commission.

He has proven strength.

Doubts and regrets plague Dans mind.

Old man magic hands.

Bitter man says sweep.

Aryian youth will obey.

Daniel wails away.

Only one leg left,

The crane, one chance, no defense.

Blonde, broken nose. Blood.

Glory and respect

Is his, as will be the girl.

Miyagi content.


Mel said...

This was genius:

He’s the best around
No one's gonna keep him down.
Montage of the wins.

Also, the picture that accompanies "Miyagi content".

Sildenafil Citrate said...

Karate Kid is one of my favorite movies because I remember I taught the protagonist some techniques and also to the Miyagis sir.

viagra online said...

They were great movies on that times, but now they are super bad haha