Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Endless Love

Submission from Genevieve.

My Darling Daniel,

You cannot know my name, but surely you recognise the beat of my heart, and the throb of my soul...? Our souls were split when first we were made, incomplete without one another, always restless, always longing for its other half. But I am here, and you have found me time and again.

Oh, the world, Miyagi in particular, believes that that fierce concentration that won you medal after medal, championship after championship, was a 'sell-out', that the competition was the beginning of your corruption. But I know better then he. We know better. Your energy, your thrust, your heaving breaths were all for me. They think you looked merely into a camera. Instead you looked into my heart. It beats for you, and you alone. Soon ours shall beat together.

I know that through the years you have seemingly betrayed our love time and again with woman after woman. The golden curls, the fall of straight black hair... But I have always known, as do you, that they are merely stand-ins for the passion, the endless love that is and shall soon be ours.

I watch the films again and again. I see your glistening slow-motion thighs, and press my hand between my thighs thinking only of the time when we shall be together making the kind of sweet sweet love that the world has never known before. Our shall be earth-shattering. Only together shall we create that kind of whirling passion, lips meeting, hands intertwined that transcends the boundaries of time and space.

Oh I know I mock the life in the suburbs, the 2.5 kids, the sunny endless days of the man of the house mowing the lawn beer in hand, while the woman stays inside and cooks dinner... But that is because they are sacred. They are ours. And you know I would not ask you for such a banality as a mown lawn when the prospect of the transcendent grace and spiritual commitment of your karate practice on that unmown verdant mass sends me into raptures again and again.

Oh Daniel. Oh my Daniel. Daniel Larusso. I would be so proud to be Mrs Larusso, all feminist principles aside. Because you could make me see beyond them. You alone could be my lord. And master. With you I have no enduring commitment to any name, any identity. For it shall be such few and short days till we meet, I know it. And that is all that matters. That is the event my whole life has been awaiting. As I know it has yours.

Overwhelmed with this passion, this unending spring, this fountain of joy and rapture, as the prospect of our life together grows near... I remain, ever and always yours, my sweetest love, my darling heart,


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