Monday, July 14, 2008

Love Me...Daniel LaRusso

The First installment of the blog will be letters to Daniel LaRusso of Karate Kid 1-3. Try to remember letters should be directed to Daniel LaRusso the character, not Ralph Macchio (I know this may be hard for some of you Macchio lovers out there who are fans of his work in The Outsiders and The Three Wishes of Billy Grier).

Letters can be as long or short as you like but should emphasise your love for Daniel, be that in a fan way, loving admirer or a proposal for a loving life partnership. Be as personal as you like, as referential, heartfelt, sad, funny or all of the above. But let it come from the heart (extra points for those willing to convince Danny of a three-way with themselves and Elizabeth Shue).

First 2 submissions are below from Brendan and myself. Check them out.

Email submissions to:

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