Monday, July 14, 2008 totally. lol.

submission from Jake...

Hey Danny,

I'm like soooo nervous even writing this, cause like I am just imagining you sitting in your pad somewhere after one of your totally hot karate workouts reading my letter.. the hair on the back of my neck is like totally standing on end right now.

So anyway, like me and my friend Brydon were like trying to decide who should win the "hottest martial arts guy" competition and he seemed to think Stephen Segal should be the winner but I totally disagreed with him cause Stephen segal is like a million years old and has a wig and stuff. I recon Byron isn't the best judge anyway cause he SOO likes older men, and if you saw the guy that he went home with last weekend end you would be totally like EWWWW that guy was gross.

So anyway, I told Byron that I wouldn't tell his boyfriend about that time that he fooled around with that girl that was staying with him for the holidays (I think it was like his cousin, which I think is totally wrong and he should go to prison for that, but I think Byron would actually like prison cause he is really into those biker looking guys, but im totally not cause they have no idea about personal hygiene and really like who wants to walk around in an orange jumpsuit all day.. that's SOOO not my colour). So yeah we now he agrees that you are the winner and stuff .

So I am like having this party on Saturday night, it's a dress up party and I know that you like those parties and if you want you can totally wear that shower curtain cause I always said that was the best costume EVER! And its SUCH a totally RAD idea cause like if you don't want people to know who your making out with then you can be doing it in the middle of the dance floor and no one knows.. Its so obvious that you are not only hot but also REALY smart. And anyway if you like want to make out with me and stuff in the shower than you like totally can and I wont tell anyone, especially not that slut face of a girlfriend (I cant remember her name) you have. You are like totally too good for her skanky ass.

Did Mr Miagi ever touch you up? Cause there was a little Chinese guy that lived near me when I was a kid and he used to give me lollies and Twix bars and stuff when I went round to his house.. anyway I'm cool with that too so yeah.

So like give me a call on 0423 534 XXX if you wanna come to my party cause I recon you would really like it and stuff...

Seya hot stuff...

Rickey M.

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