Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Montage of Love

Submission from Natasha.

Dear Daniel (or whatever you real name is),

My friend Brendan said he liked it best in the montage scene when you got kicked in the head. Not me. I liked it when you did the arms in the air thing and the camera spins around and I got to see your butt. You have a really great butt. Well maybe not anymore, but I'm assuming that it's still good.

It was funny when you got kicked in the head though, but not as funny as when you thought you'd finished painting the fence, but then there was HEAPS more fence and you had to do it for ages. If you ever come to Melbourne we should hook up. I have a great sense of humour, and also I used to do karate when I was little so we have that in common too. Plus I have mad cans.

Natasha Ludowyk

P.S. Sometimes I like to put on 'You're The Best Around' and jump around my room punching the air. Then I think of you and me together and I go all quiet. Write soon!

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