Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Glory of Love

Submission from Kate

Dear Daniel,

This, despite the appearance of being a stalking-like issue, is the first love letter I have ever written to a star. Admittedly, I have been through phases of longing for screen icons to appear in my world, convinced that if they just got to know me they would fall hopelessly in love with me and declare that their life is now complete. After all the money, parties, girls, cocaine, who would not find my country girl charms mixed with a healthy dose of big city cynicism an irresistible change of pace? The big-screen good-guy hero, like you, has always caught my attention. Aragorn, for example, has often danced across the stage of my fantasy world.

But before now, I have never committed my hero longing to paper. ‘Why me’ you ask? Because, Daniel Larrouso, you are the man who will fight for my honour. You’ll be the hero I’ve been dreaming of. And just like a knight in shining armour, from a long time ago, just in time you’ll save the day, and take me to your castle far away.

Misplaced longings,
Katie Lansell

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